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With the help of one of our leading products, Quick PDF Converter, you can convert a file from PDF to Word easily without affecting original formatting of that file after conversion; its tables, images, rows and columns are maintained in same format as present in source PDF file. With its new OCR (i.e. Optical Character Recognition) feature, you can also convert your scanned PDFs into text format.
Easily Convert PDF to RTF/Word, Excel, Image, Postscript and Text
Convert PDF files to Excel, Text, Image, Word and PostScript with Quick PDF Converter. The files after conversion can be edited easily at anytime as per the needs. The tool saves all formatting of original file even after conversion. It keeps all the text, layout, tables and images intact. Furthermore, it gives you an ability to extract images such as logos and banners from the PDF file. The tool also gives an option to convert PDF to Rich Text Format (RTF).
Scanned PDF File Conversion with OCR
The feature OCR (Optical Character Recognition) present in the software facilitates you to convert scanned PDF files into editable text format.
Partial Conversion by Specifying Pages
The software facilitates the users to convert their PDF files partially by specifying page numbers for conversion. They can define page numbers, like convert page 6-12… 1, 2, 3....... for conversion.
Support Multiple Image formats
With this tool, you can choose to have output image in the same format as it was in the original image or you can select from various famous formats such as BMP, JPG, PNG, PCX, PBM, TIFF, PNM and PPM.
Retain 100 Percent Format and Layout
Quick PDF converter retains complete formatting of PDF files. The tool replicates everything including the paragraphs, tables, text labels, flow of columns and graphics in the converted Word file.
Customize the language
The tool enables you to customize the language of its interface by picking up from 9 different international languages.
Intelligible, Easy to Use Wizard
Quick PDF converter enables you to change the interface by selecting the regular application interface or a simple wizard interface (with step-by-step instructions).
Customizable Watermarks
The PDF file converter permits you to add watermarks in the output file. With this tool, you can also select from different sample watermarks provided in the application.
Enhanced Formatted Text, Image Only, Text only and As Is features
Quick PDF converter facilitates you to make use of different conversion options which enables you to perform high quality file conversions. The software has unique coding which enables the software to execute super quality document conversion. The flowing text layout option gives you a quality converted document by maintaining text style & font, accurate image positioning and document layout. The software also saves page layout, formatting, graphics, columns & preserves text flow.
Free from Re-formatting
PDF Converter converts the PDF documents to Microsoft Word documents that can be edited quickly while retaining its original text layout and images. This conversion application identifies tables, paragraphs, columns etc. and replicates the PDF documents to fully formatted Microsoft Word documents competently.
Layout remain original
Quick PDF Converter converts the PDF documents in Microsoft Word in .rtf or .doc formats while preserving its original layout. So, there is no need to worry about the page orientation or line spacing in the converted document.
New OCR Feature
The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature equipped software enables you to convert your scanned PDF documents into editable flowing text format.
Fractional conversion
It supports fractional conversions, ie. you can convert your PDF file specifically according to your requirement. In case you have a huge requirement and you want to convert a part of it then Quick PDF Converter offers you suitable option to do so.
Preserve Originality
The software helps you in maintaining the originality of document as it identifies the paragraphs, graphics, tables text labels and flow of columns before converting it in Microsoft word.
Inserting of True Type fonts supported
The text colors, font size, and font style of the Microsoft Word are completely supported.
Graphics and Images
Quick PDF Converter makes sure that your document images are 100% safe as it identifies and separates logos and banners within the Microsoft document. There is no threat of losing them in conversion. So, you need not worry about your graphic intensive document.
Freedom to edit the document
It gives you complete control over your document through automation. It gives you the freedom to easily edit text in the converted document. There is no need to struggle with Word's Formatting and editing options to edit the converted document.
Freedom to Reuse the text
In case, you need to reuse the text in the converted document while making a presentation or any Excel report, the software gives you freedom to simply copy the text from the converted document and paste it in your power point presentation or excel sheet etc. You do not have to bother about the text formatting as it will remain as it is.
Handling rotated page, text, image and shapes
PDF file converter automatically identifies rotated pages with its contents and retains text, layout and images in the converted Word document as they were in original PDF document. In case your text, shape or image is vertical in the PDF document, it will remain same in the converted Word document. This feature is highly advantageous for document that has graphs and charts etc.
Hyperlinks & Bookmarks
If your PDF document contains active Hyperlinks and Bookmarks then you will see the same links in your converted Word document. The feature helps you to access additional information through hyperlinked documents or web pages.
Easy Drag-and-Drop
Quickly convert your PDF document by simply dragging the file onto the application. Drag-and-Drop saves your precious time and makes PDF conversion much easier.
SuperScript & SubScript
The converted document will contain the superscript and subscript text as it was in the PDF document.
Column formation remains managed and well-formed
The position of the text lines and text columns remain same in the converted document that makes text editing and formatting simple.
Perfect lines and column formation
The software preserves the original multi-column text and page layouts incase of multi-column text layout in PDF document. The user can simply edit the text in the converted word document.
Smaller file size
The software optimizes the size of the file by reducing the converted file to a low file size that makes it easy to upload or download the converted files at a faster pace.
Underlined text
The underlined text in the converted file remains same as it was in the PDF document.
Drop Cap
Drop cap remains same in converted file as it was in the PDF document.
Conversion of Master Password saved PDF file
Convert your Master password protected PDF file into word if you are aware of your password. During the process of conversion, the software will prompt for a password. The processing will continue when you enter your password.
Optimum System Resource utilization
Quick PDF converter uses the system memory, CPU and hard disk space in an optimized way that enables you to easily work on your computer while your document id getting converted. Mostly, the converting software consumes computer's memory and disk space due to which the user is unable to work on the computer while documents are getting converted.
Supports 5615 fonts
Use the software to replicate the text in 5615 fonts as it is in the converted word document. As a result, the converted file looks exactly same as the original PDF document.
Embedded True Type Font handling
Besides supporting 5615 type of fonts, it handles True Type Fonts that leaves a little scope of not replicating text as in PDF file. Moreover, the software handles symbolic fonts in an enhanced manner.
No dependency on Ms Word application
It is an independent software and it does not require any software installation like Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat reader for installation.
Supports different type of users on system
You do not require installing Quick PDF converter separately for all users login. Just install the software once on your system and it will support all types of users like guest users, power users etc. All users can use this software to convert their documents.
Enhanced As Is, Formatted Text, Text only and Image only features
Quick PDF converter enables the users to use various conversion options that enable you to do high quality document conversions. The software has unique coding that allows software to execute super document conversations. The flowing text document layout option gives you a better quality converted document by preserving text style and font, document layout and accurate image positioning. The software saves page layout, columns, preserves text flow, formatting and graphics
Additional file formats
Make use of this software to have image in the same format as they were in original source image or select from famous formats like BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, PCX, PBM, PNM and PPM for conversion options.
Retain formatting
All formatting of your PDF files is preserved. The software replicates the paragraphs, text labels, graphics, tables and flow of columns in the converted Word document.
Customize the interface
You can also customize the interface by selecting a simple wizard interface (step-by-step instructions) or the regular application interface.
Customize the layout mode
It allows you to customize the layout mode of the converted file by selecting options - 'flowing text', 'as is', 'formatted text' or 'text only'.
You can edit the converted document (converted from PDF to Word) with this tool.
The help file of Quick PDF converter contains detailed instructions for reference.
Free Software updates
You get free software updates with this software.
Quick PDF converter is always there for you to give answer to all your question as you can get 24 hour help support and US daytime telephone support.
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Converter Suite
1 Price $39.95 $69.95
2 Convert PDF File
3 Create PDF Files
4 Edit PDF Files with In-built editor
5 View PDF File
6 Convert PDF to Doc/Docx
7 Convert PDF to RTF
8 Convert PDF to TXT
10 Convert PDF to Excel
11 Convert PDF to Images
12 Convert PDF to Postscript
13 Batch Convert PDF files
14 Partial Conversion
15 Extract Images
16 Retain 100% format
17 Supports 5600 fonts
18 1-click conversion
19 Easy to use
20 Free Technical Support
21 Convert Word to PDF
22 Create PDF from any printable file
23 One Click Batch Creation
24 Merge multiple files to one PDF
25 Preserve Hyperlinks, Bookmarks & Comments
26 Convert huge files to PDF
27 Converts rotated text
28 Sample Watermarks/ Stamping
29 Secure PDF with Password Protection
30 Customizable PDF Creation Quality
31 Creation in PDF/A format
32 Search PDF files
PDF File Converter
Intel ® Pentium(r) processor 133Mhz or equivalent
25 MB of free hard disk space
Microsoft ® Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Microsoft ® Word 2000, 2003, 2007 or 2010
64 MB of memory (RAM)
SVGA monitor with 256 colors and 800 x 600 pixel resolution
Web connection for activation
This product is licensed as a single product for a single system
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Your software work wonders! Excellent PDF converter. I don't need anything else to do my office work.
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